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 At Aqua Jungle, we made the decision long ago to only sell healthy,  captive bred animals. This might seem like an easy choice, but it does  put us at a serious competitive disadvantage to those online pet stores and big box retailers  that sell wild caught animals. Wild caught animals are cheaper, more  easily available, and the seller does not have to go through the trouble  of breeding their own stock – it’s a simple as ordering some more when  you’re out. This greatly reduces overhead costs, and allows for a  greater profit. Travis and I (Jamie) knew this, but we decided that was not  the direction for us – even if it cut into the bottom line. Curious as  to why a growing small business would seemingly act against it’s own  best interest? Because we’re more concerned with the best interests of  our animals and our customers, and feel there are better ways to provide  the beautiful animals we work with to the public 

About Us


A large part of keeping your fish healthy is ensuring their habitat remains healthy. Regular maintenance is key to keeping the aquarium environment safe. One roadblock for aquarium owners is knowing what maintenance they should perform. Experts may disagree on the specific points of aquarium maintenance, but everyone agrees that following a regular routine of any kind is better than no maintenance at all.

Don't have time we offer maintenance programs for residential and commercial clients.

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ALL SALES ARE FINAL, on dry stock unless otherwise noted. If a refund or exchange is authorized, it must be accompanied with the original receipt, and within 30 days of purchase. 

Freshwater fish have a 14 day return policy, you will need to bring the receipt, dead fish and a sample of water (separate from the fish)


Aqua Jungle Aquarium Maintenance



Out with the old and in with new!

Some new gravel and decorations or maybe an entire new theme may be  all you need to give your tank a fresh new appeal. This may even be a  good time to change the type of fish in your tank if you’ve been  thinking about trying something new! Contact us to day to schedule an  appointment with one of our design consultants to complete one of our  “Fish Tank Makeovers.”  


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